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>mga [multi-fasta] <-m/-s>
     -m: multiple species (sequences are individually treated)
     -s: single species (sequences are treated as a unit)

output format:

# [sequence name]
# gc = [gc%], rbs = [rbs%]
# self: [(b)acteria/(a)rchaea/(p)hage/unused(-)]
[gene ID] [start pos.] [end pos.] [strand] [frame] [complete/partial] [gene score] [used model] [rbs start] [rbs end] [rbs score]
. . .
. . .
. . .

explanations of output column:

*The value of [frame] (0/1/2) indicates the number of surplus (untranslated) nucleotides at the 5'-end of the predicted ORF.
*The value of [score] indicates the estimated score of predicted gene. All predicted genes are more than 0.
*The value of [complete/partial] indicates that the predicted gene structure is whether complete (contains both of start and stop codons[11]) or partial (lacks start[01] or stop[10] or both of them[00]).
*The value of [model] indicates a selected model ((s)elf/(b)acteria/(a)rchaea/(p)hage) for predicting the gene.