MetaGeneAnnotator (test version)

MetaGeneAnnotator is a gene-finding program for prokaryote and phage.
Anonymous and fragmented genomic sequences (longer than 60 bp) can be accepted.
The software is freely available for academic use.

(Previous version of MetaGene is here.)

Input Sequences:
All sequences are individually treated in this server.
Total sequence length should be less than 10Mbp.

Ambiguous codons are ignored (score = 0).  Don't join your sequences with 'N'.
Paste your sequence(s) in fasta format:

Upload a file: 


Noguchi, H., Taniguchi, T. and Itoh, T. :
MetaGeneAnnotator: Detecting Species-Specific Patterns of Ribosomal Binding Site for Precise Gene Prediction in Anonymous Prokaryotic and Phage Genomes, DNA Res. 2008, 15, 387-396.

Noguchi, H., Park, J. and Takagi, T. :
MetaGene: prokaryotic gene finding from environmental genome shotgun sequences, Nucleic Acids Res. 2006, 34, 5623-5630.

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